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About Bunche Park Elementary

About Bunche Park Elementary

Bunche Park Elementary was founded in 1951. In addition to regular education, Pre-K – 5th grade, Bunche Park is a Special Education Center. Our current enrollment is 343 students. We are a uniform school and our colors are green and yellow.  


Our Vision

The vision of Bunche Park Elementary is to become a community of learners where students embrace every opportunity to learn in a safe, nurturing environment, utilizing creative, innovative, instructional strategies, by highly-qualified teachers.  Bunche Park students will become resourceful, self-assured individuals who possess strong academic skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills, necessary to face the future challenges of our society.

Our Mission

With Bunche Park Elementary's mission is to provide a structured, data-driven and rigorous curriculum that ensures that all students share in the ownership of their learning and demonstrate improvement in academic and social performance annually. 

The Bunche Park School Song

                          Bunche Park School Song


 District 1 School Board Member: 

Dr. Steve Gallon III

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                              Dr. Steve Gallon III: District 1

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Our Core Values

Bunche Park Elementary’s core values include:

Excellence: All students can be successful learners.

Equity: Professional staff development enhances a quality school.

Citizenship: Parent and community involvement enables student achievement.

Integrity: A safe and secure environment is essential for teaching, learning, self-esteem, safety, and well-being.



Ralph J. Bunche

Our school is named after the famous African- American, Ralph Bunche.

Ralph Bunche was the first African-American to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950.

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Ralph Bunche

           Ralph J. Bunche

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