Bunche Park Elementary School

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Faculty and Staff

Regular Education

Homeroom Staff Member Email Address
Headstart   Ms. Faison           
Pre-K/VPK Ms. Wylie          
Kindergarten Ms. Velazquez         
Kindergarten  Ms. Richards           
1st Grade  Ms. Pozo         
1st Grade    Ms. Fabio         
2nd Grade  Mr. Fortich         
2nd Grade   Ms. Figueredo          
2nd Grade   Ms. Johnson         
3rd Grade   Ms. Fortich            
3rd Grade   Ms. Tarpley            
4rd Grade  Ms. Examon          
4th Grade   Mr. Rivera          
4th Grade   Ms. Sanchez         
5th Grade   Ms. Ortega         
4th/5th Grade   Ms. Barona          
5th Grade   Ms. Alvarez         

Special Education

Class Staff Member Email Address
ASD Ms. Bush    
ASD Dr. De La Cruz      
ASD Ms. Desir     
ASD Ms. Rafulus-Santana     
ASD  Ms. Otano    
ASD  Ms. Tompkin-Polk     
ASD  Ms. Perez-Bayona     
InD Ms. Miller     
InD Ms. Watson    
InD Ms. Henry     
InD   Ms. Jatibee        
InD   Mr. Revilla      
Ms. Pettway    
Mr. De La Cruz    
Mr. Simpkins    

Special Areas

Class Staff Member Email Address
Art Ms. Leal   
Music Mr. Steward     
Physical Education TBA   
Physical Education Ms. Price   
Media Center Ms. Smith   
Reading Coach   Ms. Negron   
Math Coach Ms. Salhuana     
Inverventionists  Ms. Lasster      
Inverventionists  Ms. Rahming      
Inverventionists  Ms. Simprevil     
Inverventionists  Mr. De la Cruz      
Counselor Ms. Sheffield   
Speech   Ms. King   
Zone Mechanic  TBA   
Clinic  Ms. James   


Deptarment Staff Member Email Address
Pre-K Ms. Rumph-Shaw            
Head Start Ms. Hill           
SPED Ms. Bennett            
SPED Ms. Cannonier           
SPED Ms. Day           
SPED Ms. Porter           
SPED Mr. Rogers             
SPED Ms. Rolle             
SPED Ms. Washington             
SPED Ms. Wooten             

Office Staff

Position Staff Member Email Address
Secretary/Treasurer Ms. Rogers   
Title I CIS Ms. Aldridge      
Attendance Ms. Walker    

Custodial Staff

Position Staff Member Email Address
Custodian Mr. Curry             
Head Custodian Mr. Johnson             
Lead Custodian Mr. Tondro             


Position Staff Member Email Address
Security Ms. Young          
Security Ms. Butler          


Location Staff Member Email Address
Cafeteria Manager Ms. Joyner           

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(305) 430-3120


16001 Bunche Park Elementary School Drive 

Miami Gardens, FL 33054



        Bunche Park Elementary School



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Title I

Our CIS is here for you!

Ms. Aldridge, our Title I Community Involvement Specialist is here to provide you with assistance in becoming an active participant in your child's education.

Please come and visit Ms. Aldridge, Title I CIS, and get information on accessing the Parent/Student Portal, grades and online resources available to you through www.dadeschools.net.



Parent Resource Center

Visit our Parent Resource Center to check out instructional materials to use with your child to increase his/her reading and math skills. 

To Contact Ms. Aldridge via email click letter.

Ms. Aldridge, Title I CIS